Music China Shanghai 10-13 October 2013

Music China has turned to be maybe the biggest event about what music concerns. Everything what is related with music was there, in a huge area, from the “musical T-shirts “, to grand pianos… a beautiful stall with Chinese traditional instruments. My booth was in the hall where only string instruments where exposed .There where violin makers from Italy, at least 25, from Germany, France, China and of course only me from Greece . The exhibitors from foreign countries where all together making things easier for the visitors .As a member of the organizers told me, I was the first Greek who participate ever in this event.

The whole event was really very we’ll organized from the Chinese team, if I compare to other such an events I have participate in Europe .It was a really pleasure for me to meet there many Chinese violin players as well as violin dealers from Japan ,Hong Kong , China, Korea,  Australia  etc., but also very useful for me, as I was able to compare my work with the work of many other violin makers. And the response to my work was even better than I was expected!

Apart from the four days of the exhibition, with a lot of interest but also a lot of effort, the trip to Shanghai was a real pleasure .The town is very interesting and beautiful in many ways, but this is another story.

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