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Unique Hand Made String Instuments

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Through the Hands of

Dimitris Karaoglanis

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The Instuments

Each instrument made in the workshop is unique, designed by Dimitris Karaoglanis. Materials are carefully selected. Only well-seasoned European wood is used for the constraction. The finish is made with the best oil varnish. As a result of the fine work, the instruments have absolutely balanced sound, with a lot of power and strong “personality” which gives to the musican all the pallet of the “sound colors”.

The Workshop

The workshop is located in an old 1890 building, on the beautiful island of Aegin, 15 miles from Athens Greece.  The space is made from wood and stone and the blue light from the Greek sky illuminates all around. It ‘s the perfect place to be creative and focused on the making of musical instuments.

Making Musical Instruments in Action

Two series of tools are needed for the violin making. The first is the one what  God almighty has created , mind , nervοus system , eyes , hands ……inspiration ! The second is what man has made , but out of materials from the nature. But still, wood ,varnish and string and bow materials are needed ,”ready made” again! So, Who is the doer ?

The Art of violin making is a “magic”. The violin maker is a magician who has to “catch” the Ether element and transform it to Sound . His Art can be a “key to paradise”, for him and for many more. There is no space for “ego trips”. Violins  live many “lives”, and their sound , transformed again to music travels eternally all over the cosmos .

So , Who is the receiver ?


Zakhar Bron

With great pleasure I got to know the work of the Greek violin maker, Dimitris Karaoglanis. Iwas very fond of the beauty this creations have, the graceful workmanship, the richness of timbre, how easy is to extract strong and flexible sound. The instrument responds, posing no difficulty, no effort requiring, giving the performer the possibility of achieving a big range of dynamic amplitudes. Needless to add, I have the feeling that in those violins there is a great deal of potential. In the hands of good violinists those instrument can be enriched and developed further.

Zakhar BronViolin Player

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